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Free Training Courses

To enable you to use all the products supplied by ARCINCO, we offer specific training for your company, provided by our technicians aiming to prepare your collaborators to handle our products and made the maintenance in a safer manner, avoiding then, the risks of severe accidents.

We provide a highly skilled flexible team structure with wide experience to help in the assembly of your project, based on a good cost-benefit ratio.

See the topics of the course:

  • Origin of Gas springs
  • Advantages of gas springs X mechanical springs
  • Presentation of our products line
  • The world’s smallest cylinders with more power and stroke than usual.
  • Interactive presentation of Flex-Cam.
  • Interactive presentation of Cylinder (intelligent) with programmed delay.
  • Interactive presentation of shock absorbing cylinders.
  • Proper care is required to safely handle the gas springs.
  • In all the presentations above, there are real photos with comparisons of before and after applying our products.

Demonstrations of the course:

  • Flex-Cam
  • Electric driven Flex-Cam.
  • Power cylinders.
  • (Intelligent) Cylinder with programmed delay.
  • Complete tool box for maintenance of nitrogen cylinders (gas springs).
  • At the machine bed with vise, we will demonstrate how to disassemble and assemble gas springs with total safety and participation.

We provide certificates of the courses.
Contact us, if your team requires any training.

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