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Other Products

• Punches and punch retainers:

We provide punches and punch retainers, which meet all the applicable international norms.

• Hose clinchers:

It is used to clinch high pressure hoses.

• Nitrogen chargers:

Aero Wedges

We supply assembled sets with filling control and pressure calibrator with quick coupling, making easier when charging. It can be accompanied with adaptors to work on any system (under consultation).

• Booster:


It is a compact equipment with pneumatic functioning that can use the maximum of nitrogen, enabling the bottle to be completely empty, avoiding the loss of nitrogen and generating economy for the company.

• Automatic Plate Lubrication System:


Efficient and economic, it is able to lubricate the whole plate area evenly, according to the desired speed and quantity, because it can be controlled. The system has a reservoir connected to the press, and through an electric or mechanic signal, the valve is activated and the liquid is ejected through the nipples. The nipples can be directed to any position (360°).

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