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Nitrogen cylinders

Nitrogen cylinders

• KALLER Nitrogen cylinders (gas springs):

KALLER nitrogen cylinders (gas springs) are used in the metal forming industry worldwide. These cylinders work with high frequency, high speed and high temperature. Our products are certified by ISO 9001 and the European Directive (PED), confirming the outstanding quality.

• Controlled Cylinders (intelligent):

The cylinders with delay were developed for a specific use, that is, when the cylinder must be closed at the end of the stroke, we delay its return, to avoid the damage of a fold, flange. When it is required that the cylinders open after the tool being open, these cylinders will receive a pneumatic signal after the operation.

They are very used for negative spinning, avoiding the use of air pins, allowing the use of the tool in press which does not have air pins, and it opens as adjusted, as required. They can be open at any time from a 180º (grade) point on the press.

• SPC Cylinders:

They are cylinders with speed control (SPC). These cylinders were developed to solve a problem that the majority of tools have: plate press jerking and excess of noise. As they work with adjustment at the beginning and end of stroke, the jerking is eliminated and the noise of the cylinders is reduced in a percentage of more than 50%, if compared to conventional parts.

Other fundamental characteristic is that, due to the fact that the first millimeters work as a shock absorber, the maintenance for press wearing is much lower, because the extremely strong contact point between the press and the cylinders does not exist in this case.

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• Hoses and Connections:

We provide high and low pressure hoses for several applications (air, water, oil) which can be clinched as tailor-made. We meet all the required safety standards.

• Control panel:

It is used to control pressure on the whole nitrogen system, making easy the increase and reduction of the external pressure.

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