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The Arcinco Group

A company specialized in industrial automation applying high technology, ARCINCO is a leading Brazilian company providing nitrogen cylinders (gas springs) and pneumatic products. Our team is skilled to develop solutions for the stamping sector and industrial automation. More [+]

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Our partners assure the commitment to provide quality products for our customers.

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Nitrogen cylinders are widely utilized in the industry for metal formation in the world. More [+]

  • productsMechanical rocker arms, manufactured with imported steel strip. We provide them with safety lock, single block cable guide and maintenance service. More [+]
  • productsPneumatic clamps were specially developed for the production line of big manufacturers. They have manual lever as an option. More [+]

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Head office - Rua Oneda, 935 - Planalto - CEP 09895-280 - São Bernardo do Campo - SP - Brasil
Phone + 55 11 3463-8855 / Fax + 55 11 4390-9155