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Environmental Management System

Our basic principle is to be a non-polluting company. The environmental responsibility is of maximum priority and is part of our culture, as well as it optimizes the costs of our operating activities, resulting in economy of resources.

We have principles to preserve the environment. This directive drives our business for the excellence in environmental management. For example: the solid residue management and suitable destination of scraps in order to avoid their discharge at sanitary landfills.

The aim is to execute essential actions for the performance of an eco-efficient plant, reaffirming the environmental responsibilities of ARCINCO, maintaining a joint Social Action.

Social Action

Concerned with the maintenance of environment, we are operating with all the certifications required in the market and we also deploy a policy to use leftovers of raw materials.

All the solid residues are forwarded to recycling. Leftovers of raw materials such as: metal, steel, brass, aluminum, paper, plastic, glass and so on are donated to a Social Cooperative of the Prefecture Municipality of São Bernardo do Campo and all the revenue obtained by the Prefecture is reverted to the underserved community resident in the region. This Social Action helps the subsistence of approximately 50 families.

Besides helping the local population, we are collaborating with the environment. Due to the fact that the residues are of a type of heavy material, these resources take years to biodegrade, thus, the complete recycling cycle of this kind of material is very important for the maintenance of ecology.

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