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Who we are

Established in 1988, ARCINCO is a company specialized in industrial automation with high technology application. The company was created to meet the market need related to the supply of pneumatic products. Then, we made a partnership with the Swedish company KALLER, a manufacturer of nitrogen cylinders (gas springs).

We are a leading company in Brazil in supplying nitrogen cylinders certified by ISO 9001:2008, and we also have PED (Pressure Equipment Directive) Certification (97/23/EC), which is the technical norm adopted by the European Parliament and European Administrative Council.

We represent the best in products for stamping, always with the partnership of renowned industries worldwide such as: Kaller, Hyson, Univer, Byte, Cejn, Lubo, Fibro, and so on. When you choose the products supplied by Arcinco, your company can purchase equipments with the maximum safety.

We have a history of tradition and quality. We provide support services in all countries of Mercosul in a period up to 24 hours. Our cylinders are warranted for 2 years from the purchasing date or until 1 million cycles (depending what occurs first), observing that the useful life of our cylinders is of approximately 20 years. Within the warranty period, we do not repair parts, we just provide warranted new ones.

ARCINCO is a Brazilian company, skilled to develop solutions in the stamping segment and industrial automation. Our daily challenge is overcome by our main asset: our collaborators, responsible for the good image, quality and reliability present in all the things we do.

Know some of our products:

  • • nitrogen cylinders (gas springs) for stamping department
  • • pneumatic cylinders
  • • support rocker arm of 0.5 to 220 kg
  • • pneumatic clamps
  • • aero wedges /graphite plates/ bushings and guide pins for stamping tools
  • • hydraulic wedges for stamping tools
  • • punches, pins, punch retainers

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Head office - Rua Oneda, 935 - Planalto - CEP 09895-280 - São Bernardo do Campo - SP - Brasil
Phone + 55 11 3463-8855 / Fax + 55 11 4390-9155